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Recntly tried to order a rifle scope from process went fine.

website gave the option to have item shipped to a non-billing address which I prefer since item can then be shipped to a place where it can be signed for and securely help vis being just dropped at a door step. Thought all was fine until I get an email from Barska saying that I had to get in touch with them to explain why I had two different addresses, one for billing and one for shipping. Their email implied a concern for the possibility of a fraudulent order. In other words, if you ship to an address other than your billing address, your order and you as an individual are considered suspect by Barska.

Well, I don't need to justify myself or my integrity to anyone, particularly to a business. You got my credit card info and validated it. Just ship my order as requested. In any case, at first sent a justification response, then thought it over and decided this was a bunch of non-customer friendly BS and then just canceled the order.

30 minutes later I found the same item and accessoried for over $100 cheaper from another internet company that didn't question my integrity at the outset.

Stay away from Barska Optics (, it's not worth the aggravation.Shop elsewhere, it's probably cheaper anyway.

Review about: Swat Rifle Scope.



I ordered a binocular from Barska, and they sent me a defective one. I claimed them immediately and ask for RMA and requested a refund. This happened over three weeks ago, and they have not responded.

Stay away from Barska!

Pensacola, Florida, United States #742641

Order scope on 9/27/2013 from, was defective when received.Shipped it back to Barska via USPS registered mail, was received Oct.

16 2013. Requested a refund on the product and as this day Nov. 14 2013, I still have not received a refund. The total was $99.99.

As stated in the previous comment the customer service is poor to say the least.:(


I have a barska telescope and it is fantastic however I can attest that Barska has 1 single puerto rican woman working customer support and she does not give a **** about you or her job let alone barska's representation.She never does what she says she will do, she provides support by reading descriptions off of the website, if you need service under warranty you will be transferred to a warehouse line and you will listen to a busy signal for a few minutes and then the line will disconnect.

I tried to order a replacement part and the woman emailed me and said that she is sorry but they are moving so I will be notified in 6 months when they can help me again. Seriously?!

YEa but the scope I got is awesome.It is a chinese clone and I have no idea how the ripped off this model but it is a $999.00 scope priced at $650 and it is superb so get your *** together BARSKA!


Shopbarska are ***.They do not post real reviews on their products .they have couple of " excellent " reviews on every product and that is it .

If you try to review their products they will not post your review ...well because they know that products they sell are only good for Airsoft guns .I purchased couple of Items for M&P 15/22 and their crappy products can not even withstand recoil of .22 All they sell is overpriced junk .I have to admit that their Website looks excellent .

to Barska = junk. #765882

After three attempts and a week of waiting to get a RMN (Return Merchandise Number) to return a newly purchased, defective 2-7X air rifle scope; none has been forth coming from Barska. Two attempts were by email and one by phone, when a Barska representative said she would send a RMN and return instructions to my email address. It hasn't happened.


You are an ***.

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